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Genomes of available Arthropoda, including insects, crustaceans, ticks, showing orthology gene groups with gene annotations, genome maps, BLAST, and more.
Twelve Drosophila Species Genomes including genome maps, chromosome synteny, BioMart for data mining, BLAST, gene homologies and predictions, product and related information.
Genome information system for eukaryotic organisms, including genome maps, gene homologies, product and related information.
Daphnia (water flea) Genome Database, including genomic sequence, project database built with GMOD tools, gene homologies, and related information.
Software for molecular biology, bioinformatics and related areas, organized by categories (alignment, evolution, etc.) and by computer system (macintosh, ms dos/win, unix, java). See also this descriptive list,
DNA & protein sequences
> Bio-Mirror of large data sets including GenBank, EMBL and DDBJ and other biosequence and bioinformatics data, updated daily.
> Bio-mirror historical release archive
BIOSCI / Bionet News
Bionet news groups archive, including molecular methods, software, and others, with a search of current or previous years back to 1990.

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SeqPup - biosequence editor
Readseq - biosequence conversions (web form)
SeWeR - Sequence Analysis using Web Resources
FlyBase - Drosophila Genome Information service
Phylodendron - phylogenetic tree drawing
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IUBio Archive

This is an archive of biology data and software, established in 1989 to promote public access to freely available information, primarily in the field of molecular biology and bioinformatics.

Here you find ways to browse, search and fetch molecular data, software, biology news and documents, as well as links to remote information sources in biology and elsewhere. To learn more, read about IUBio Archive.

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EvidentialGene : Evidence Directed Gene predictions for Eukaryotes , 2011

Arthropod genomes phylogenic tree Arthropod genomes database, 2010

Bionet newsgroup ARTHROPOD is for public discussion of Arthropods, the largest phylum of animals with insects, arachnids, crustaceans, and others. Subscribe

Bio-mirror historical release archive (GenBank et al), 2006
DroSpeGe Twelve Drosophila Species Genomes, 2005 - 2006
BioGrid and Bio-Data warehouse efforts, 2002-2006
BIOSCI/Bionet newsgroups new home, 2004 / 2005
Genome Informatics Lab opens Summer 2004
ARGOS: A replicable genome information system, 2004

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