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[Arthropod] Evidential Gene models for pea aphid are available

Don Gilbert via arthropod%40net.bio.net (by gilbertd from net.bio.net)
Wed Jun 8 11:37:45 EST 2011

Dear all,

Evidential Gene models for pea aphid are available now at

Evidential gene sets are built/in-progress for 3 other
arthropods and one plant.  If you have an arthropod genome
with lots of new expression/other gene evidence that wants
good gene models, please contact me.   I will miss this
week's Arthropod Genomics Symposium at Kansas City, to my
regret. If you run into anyone there with the problem of too
much gene data that is not being turned into good models,
have them contact me.

The software for Evidential Gene is progressing, and is
partly available now, with more work this summer to document
and simplify its use. It can be used by other genome

-- Don Gilbert

  Evidential genes for 2 arthropods in 2011
  Daphia magna, 2011mar      Pea aphid, 2011 june
  Evid.   Nevd     Dmagb8    Evid.   Nevd   Aphid2
  ------  ------   ------    ------  ------ ------
  EST     26mb     0.86      EST     36mb   0.79   
  Pro     27mb     0.79      Pro     27mb   0.76   
  RNA     32mb     0.70      RNA     55mb   0.49  
  Intron   89k     0.95      Intron  127k   0.70
  Coding span      30 mb     Coding span   42 mb
  Exon span        58 mb     Exon span     73 mb
  Genome size     131 mb*    Genome size   541 mb
  Gene count       31694     Gene count    36586 
   >95% evidence   66%                      37%
   >66% evidence   81%                      66%
  Nevd for EST, Pro, RNA is total span of non-overlapping
  reads or alignments, but count for valid unique introns from
  spliced reads.  * This Daphnia magna genome assembly is
  incomplete, and genes for now are limited to members of
  the daphnia consortium.  

For pea aphid,
36,500 genes are located in aphid2_evigene8f gene set:
  14,000 are fully supported by evidence (expression/orthology),
  24,000 have above 66% evidence support,
         the remainder have evidence but at lower levels.
  23,200 have paralogs to pea aphid genes, above 33% identity
  13,500 have orthologs to other species, above 33% identity
    5000 alternate transcripts add to these primary transcripts.
    4400 are non-coding or poorly coding genes.
     270 have long genes with valid long introns, span > 100 Kb (acyp2eg0001707t1 nears 1 Mb;
         honeybee has 240 long genes, fruitfly has 50).

There are also now NCBI Gnomon/RefSeq for pea aphid assembly 2. Using
my criteria the Evidential gene set is better, if not yet best at
all loci.

    Gene Evidence Summary for pea_aphid2, 2011 June
  Evid.   Nevd    Statistic       acypi1  evigene  ncbi2
  ------  ------  -------------   -----   ------   -----
  EST     36Mb    BaseOverlap     0.49    0.79     0.69
  Protein 27Mb    BaseOverlap     0.47    0.76     0.46
  RNA     55Mb    BaseOverlap     0.27    0.49     0.43    
  Intron  127000  SplicesHit      0.52    0.70     0.68
  Ortholog        SameLocus_N     10127   11114   10157
  Ortholog        SameLocus_Nbest   537    1370     796
  Ortholog        SameLocus_Bits    387     402     415
  Predictors are
  evigene 2011-June, ncbi2 refseq,  2011-May          
  acypi1 acyr1-ACYPImRNA, from  2009
  EST, Protein, RNA and Intron are as above.
  Ortholog SameLocus is protein homology of 3 prediction sets 
  to Uniprot-arthropods from loci with all 3 predictors:
  SameLocus_N is count of models with Uniprot hit (e<1e-5), 
  SameLocus_Bits is average bitscore,
  SameLocus_Nbest is count where predictor has best bitscore by >5% 

-- d.gilbert--bioinformatics--indiana-u--bloomington-in-47405
-- gilbertd from indiana.edu--http://marmot.bio.indiana.edu/

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