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Q: Model for perceived sound amplitude as fn of angle?

Kelley Mascher mascher at u.washington.edu
Thu Apr 13 15:40:24 EST 1995

Several systems have been developed and at least one marketed. 
Unfortunatly, I'm not the one who can tell you what they are.
These kind of discussions go on all the time on the DSP newsgroup.
If I remember correctly Panasonic through their Ramsa group
marketed a 3D sound device about 8-10 years ago. At that time
it was very expensive and disappeared.

That last sentence reminds me that the term to look for is 3D sound
when you search for this type of information.

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smorelan at MAGNUS.ACS.OHIO-STATE.EDU (Susan Moreland) writes:

>>In article <3maa44$4v3 at news.duke.edu>, lorax at acpub.duke.edu (Jeff Brent) says:
>>>   I'm programming stereo sound software with the goal of making sounds
>>>sound like they're coming from different positions in space from the
>>>listener.  Though I know there are other contributing factors to our
>>>perception of where a sound is located, to _start_ with, I want to
>>>consider  the relative amplitudes received in each ear, as a function
>>>of the 360 degrees around the listener.  (I don't know if there's any
>>>way to simulate height...) Also, though I'm not sure I can be this
>>>exact, the slight delay in the farthest ear.  I think I have seen some
>>>equations for this sound placement thing; it seems that it would not be
>>>simple geometry, since one's face shields sound coming from a side....
>>There should be a large collection of work dealing with relative effects
>>of phase difference between the ears.  The MLD (masking level difference)
>>is one good place to start.  I'm sure there are others who are more versed
>>in psychoacoustics than I, so I'll let them field this question directly.

>i don't know if you're aware of this or not, but i believe that such a
>system has already been developed -- perhaps by the air force (???).  in
>fatc, i have been tested (for research purposes) with such a localization

>i don't remember who developed it off-hand, but if it's of interest to you i
>am happy to get that information and send it to you privately -- or to the
>group if it is of common interest.

>smorelan at magnus.acs.osu.edu

>the less i seek my source 
>for some definitive,
>the closer i am to fine.
>~ indigo girls

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