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Loaner/Rental hearing aids

HearWHAC HearWHAC at netins.net
Tue Aug 1 23:58:24 EST 1995

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>Secondly, as our dispensing practice matures (now 12 years
>old) we have a number of patients with ancient instruments.
>The only thing reliable about them is the number of times
>they are in for repair!  Of course we repeatedly recommend
>replacement over repair but patients keep nursing the
>old products along...and why not, <snip some good stuff>

I am an old-time "Traditional Hearing Aid Dealer" - my family has been very 
successful in this industry for 50 years! Occasionally we THADs show a 
little "common sense." So here's my 2 cents worth!

Incorporate some "business principles" into your solution along with the 
very important "personal values." Our audiology staff feels very comfortable 
with a repair price schedule based on the age of the hearing aid. Our 
initial warranties are usually two years (we hate to charge people for 
repairs in the first two years). Then during the next two years in the life 
of the hearing aid our repair charge is somewhat nominal, maybe even a bit 
below our actual cost and expense associated with the repair. (But not 
"ch-e-e-e-p" because our services do have considerable value.) We charge 
considerably more to repair hearing aids in their fifth and sixth year. 
Hearing aids more than six years old cost a lot more to repair in our 
office. (Some would call our repair pricing of hearing aids this old 
"obscene.") What have we done? We have created an excellent incentive for 
the patient to replace their old hearing aid instead of, as you say, "keep 
nursing the old products along..." We sincerely believe we are doing them a 

Can't help but insert one last comment! My father taught me to abhor the 
thought of letting an "all makes repair" substitute used junk for the real 
thing. We never send a hearing aid for repair to anyone except the company 
that made it! I've often wondered why the Federal Trade Commission even 
allows it to be done without the consumer being informed, "Your hearing aid 
may have been repaired with used parts."

Paul Woodard
Des Moines IA

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