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Possible permanent hearing loss from concert?

Steven Rochlin JZPN32B at prodigy.com
Mon Aug 7 09:49:46 EST 1995

To whom asked this question,

     First may i state that i AM NOT a doctor.  Though i will admit i 
have some knowledge in this area.  What you experienced was probibly a 
temporary shift in your threshold of hearing.  Usually this returns to 
normal over time.  This time depends on the volume of music or noise and 
the length of exposure.  Being a musician myself and a dealer of very 
high quality audio components, i get my hearing checked about every year. 
 By doing this, i can keep a record of how my hearing is changing as i 
get older.  

     If you feel your hearing is permently damaged, may i humbly suggest 
you see an audiologist.  They are professionsals and can hopefully 
conduct a full frequiency (20-20,000 Hz) check on your hearing and not 
the about 50-7000 Hz test some hearing tests consist of.  Thank you for 
your time.  It IS appreciated.

     Enjoy the music,

     Steven R. Rochlin          JZPN32B at prodigy.com
                     Audio Note Florida
 Voice  (904) 338-2757          Fax  (904) 338-4411

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