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Percentage of hearing loss

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Wed Aug 9 00:37:03 EST 1995

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dbrown at haircell.ear.ucalgary.ca says...

>If you are
>interested in the formula it can be found in Newby HA (1979) Audiology.

In that same book Newby makes some interesting comments about "Private 
Practice Audiology." Once in awhile just for fun I reread this section of 
his text. He didn't see much of a future for audiologists wanting to go into 
private practice. I think he may have missed something.

In article <407vkr$1n6s at usenetp1.news.prodigy.com>, KVKY70A at prodigy.com 

>it has been my 
>experience that a % of hearing loss is more often misleading than not to 
>the patient.

In this world there are many of us (Carl Jung thought about 70% are in this 
group) who like to see things in simple number-like terms. It does make it 
easier for us to hear a number - any number - to describe our hearing loss. 
However, what do you say to the person I saw today who has a mild loss with 
lousy discrimination in one ear and a moderately-severe loss with good 
discrimination in the other ear. A number (or percentage) really wouldn't 
tell the story here!

Paul :-)

I don't know the answers, I just know the questions!

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