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LOW Pay for Audiologists!

Julie O'Rourke bugaboo at neosoft.com
Thu Aug 17 10:37:46 EST 1995

In article <9508151249.AA15017 at linknet.net> djcoffin at LINKNET.NET (David & Gwen Coffin) writes:
>From: djcoffin at LINKNET.NET (David & Gwen Coffin)
>Subject: LOW Pay for Audiologists!
>Date: 15 Aug 1995 05:50:34 -0700

I, too, am an Audiologist looking for a career change.  I sincerely believe 
the problem with pay is not just supply and demand(which is indeed a 
problem), but it is a problem with the fact that we tend to work for not 
with physicians.   As a CFY in 1990, I worked for 19,000/yr for two ENTs.  I 
was not seeing half the patients I should have been seeing.  I remember 
clearly overhearing one of the physicians stating to a patient that because 
of their ear infection that they had a 30dB loss and he knew this by a simple 
otoscopic examination!!  When I did see patients, I was told what tests to 
perform and followed instructions because if I didn't I feared losing my job.

I left the position because I knew I could not function up to my ethical 
standards (many Audiologists have no problem functioning in positions like 
this and many don't understand why I have a problem with this ).   
Unfortunately, I have found too many positions like this although most ENTs 
are more aware of audiological assessments.   IMHO, we as Audiologists will 
never become true professional until we completely stop working for ENTs- --- 
- - an ENT should NEVER have a financial interest in the tests he orders from 
another professional.   I believe that we as professionals will need to 
develop our own practices or go into partnerships with the ENT professionals 
to stand as the independent professionals very few recognize us to be.

I guess I'm venting here also.  My experience with the profession since 
graduation has been solely negative.  My job following my CFY was so stressful 
that a mildly chronic health condition left me bedridden for a year and I have 
not worked full time in this profession since as my condition has become very 

I am desperately looking for a new profession.  If anyone knows how our skills 
can transfer to other careers,  please e-mail me.

Thanks for letting me vent as I'm new to the net and this topic just happened 
to stir my emotions.

bugaboo at neosoft.com  

>As some of you may have seen me mention, for the past few 
months I have been >looking for a change in jobs.  I have always known that a 
one cannot get >rich by being a clinical audiologist.  But, it just seems that 
the amount of >money some employers are offering is ridiculously low!.   Last 
week I sent a >resume to a clinic in the San Francisco bay area.  They called 
me for an >interview.  I was considering it until I asked for a pay range.  
They were >wanting to pay someone with their CCC $25,000, and a CFY $23,000.  
You >couldn't even live on that in that area!   I am sure that they know many 
>CFY's will work for peanuts, just because they need the experience.  (I also 
>heard that they have VERY high turnover . . . I wonder why . . .)

>I know that this is a simple case of supply and demand.  The supply of 
>audiologists is high, therefore the salaries are low.  But what can be done 
>about this?  I have heard people say "well, just don't take the low paying 
>jobs."  We cannot expect a new CFY to 'hold-out' for a high paying job when 
>they really aren't out there.  Are schools pumping out too many 
>audiologists?  Will the Au.D. really help this?

>I know that there may not be answers for my questions, but I do feel better 
>for venting my frustrations!  

>David J. Coffin, M.A., CCC-A
>Center for Audiology
>Alexandria, LA

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