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LOW Pay for Audiologists!

Joel Bealer KVKY70A at prodigy.com
Fri Aug 18 10:43:28 EST 1995

I agree with you to a certain extent.  We are paid poorly for the 
services we provide but we can't sit on our education and experience and 
wait for everyone to notice.  I too work for an ENT but I made a point of 
setting the stage early.  I gave him a range of salary I would accept (of 
course, he opted for the minimum; however I am the one who set the 
range!) and I also informed him of what I expected, i.e.; 1).  I was not 
a secretary and would not perform in that role, 2).  I am not here to 
just push buttons, I have a professional opinion and expertise in my 
field that I expect to utilize, and 3).  I will not perform testing that 
is innapropriate or unecessary.  This has worked out very well and after 
2 years I feel I have earned his respect and he values my opinion.  He 
now comes to me with patients and asks me what I feel would be the 
appropriate testing protocols.  
I feel that this is the manner to best deal with our image in the medical 
field.  Divorcing ourselves from ENT's could be potentially self-
destructive, at least until a time as the respect for our field is 
improved.  Most states allow for technicians to "push the buttons"; we 
have to educate them that we can offer so much more than Betty Crocker 
If we set the stage before we accept a position by defining clearly what 
we expect our role to be, then we lessen the chance of confrontation 
later.  And, if we don't get that position, at the very least we have 
implanted in that ENT's mind what audiology is all about.  Don't lower 
your standards to get a job, find a job and set the standards.  I myself 
sent out over 100 resumes and went to 20+ interviews before I landed this 
position.  Believe me, from the stories I have heard from other 
audiologist, it was worth the wait and the work.
  JOEL BEALER  KVKY70A at prodigy.com

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