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LOW Pay for Audiologists!

Jeffrey Sirianni sirianni at uts.cc.utexas.edu
Sat Aug 19 00:42:40 EST 1995

In article <9508151249.AA15017 at linknet.net>, djcoffin at LINKNET.NET (David & Gwen Coffin) says:

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>I know that this is a simple case of supply and demand.  The supply of 
>audiologists is high, therefore the salaries are low.  But what can be done 
>about this?  I have heard people say "well, just don't take the low paying 
>jobs."  We cannot expect a new CFY to 'hold-out' for a high paying job when 
>they really aren't out there.  Are schools pumping out too many 
>audiologists?  Will the Au.D. really help this?
>I know that there may not be answers for my questions, but I do feel better 
>for venting my frustrations!  

This is a great topic for discussion.....  :-)

There are many "new generation" audiologist. like myself who are frustrated
with the state that audiology is in.  When I say "new generation", I am implying
the way that people think, not just age and experience.  The problem that I see
in our program is that the graduating audiologists think of themselves as looking
for jobs to supplement their family's income.  I have often heard the following:
"Well I don't need a good paying job since my husband/financee has a good job
already...".  Without turning this discussion into a gender biased one, I see such
comments as the root to audiology's demise.  I tell graduates "Why are you spending
time getting a Master's degree if you really don't care about making a REAL career
for yourself?"  I do agree that the market is flooded, but the services that we
provide are so essential and important.  I have the UPMOST respect for private
practice audioloists.  I also have equal respect for audiologists working in ENT
offices that see themselves as vital and important, not just having a job that pays

I have engaged in many discussions dealing with the number of audiology graduates
being produced today.  I myself think that the AuD may change things so that people
who really see themselves as vital in providing services to the hearing impaired
community get good paying jobs and equal respect from other personnel in this field.
For others just looking for a job, why not get a degree in audiometrics and work for
an AuD or PhD audiologist.

I hope that all who read this take it the right way.  It is not intended to slam
all of the hard working audiologists who prode themselves in what they do.  I guess
I just have a problem of people who just want a paying job and will except any amount
of salary just to get a job.

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