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LOW Pay for Audiologists!

Jeffrey Sirianni sirianni at uts.cc.utexas.edu
Sat Aug 19 01:00:48 EST 1995

In article <412cf0$1nt2 at usenetz1.news.prodigy.com>, KVKY70A at prodigy.com (Joel Bealer) says:

>If we set the stage before we accept a position by defining clearly what 
>we expect our role to be, then we lessen the chance of confrontation 
>later.  And, if we don't get that position, at the very least we have 
>implanted in that ENT's mind what audiology is all about.  Don't lower 
>your standards to get a job, find a job and set the standards.  I myself 
>sent out over 100 resumes and went to 20+ interviews before I landed this 
>position.  Believe me, from the stories I have heard from other 
>audiologist, it was worth the wait and the work.
>  JOEL BEALER  KVKY70A at prodigy.com

I could not agree with you more !!  I myself interviewed with the same
intentions as you and I have not had a bad day since I started this job.
The ENT I work with sees me as the audiological expert of the office and
I see him as the otological expert.  We work together in diagnostics
and provide the best care possible.  When we meet with patients after
a thorough otological and audioloigcal exam, the ENT I work with says
"From your results, it is clear that you could use some form of amplif-
ication, and Jeff here is an expert on selecting and fitting you for
your needs.  I am here to help you if you need anything medical and Jeff
takes care of everything pertaining to audiological testing and hearing
aids."  We work as a team, and not as boss and subordinate.

I would love to just post this paragraph, but I think that gender has
an UNFORTUNATE bearing on this topic.  Is there anyone out there who
works with a female ENT.  Are the same attitudes prevailent in such
a situation?
Jeff Sirianni     @(((<{
University of Texas at Austin
Communication Sciences and Disorders
CMA, 2nd Floor Clinic
Austin, TX  78712-1089
sirianni at uts.cc.utexas.edu
jgsaudio at aol.com

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