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LOW Pay for Audiologists!

Angelo Campanella acampane at postbox.acs.ohio-state.edu
Mon Aug 21 09:30:01 EST 1995

In article <9508151249.AA15017 at linknet.net> djcoffin at LINKNET.NET (David & Gwen Coffin) writes:

>As some of you may have seen me mention, for the past few months I have been 
>looking for a change in jobs.  I have always known that a one cannot get 
>rich by being a clinical audiologist.  But, it just seems that the amount of 
>money some employers are offering is ridiculously low!.   Last week I sent a 
>resume to a clinic in the San Francisco bay area.  They called me for an 
>interview.  I was considering it until I asked for a pay range.  They were 
>wanting to pay someone with their CCC $25,000, and a CFY $23,000.  You 
>couldn't even live on that in that area!   I am sure that they know many 
>CFY's will work for peanuts, just because they need the experience.  (I also 
>heard that they have VERY high turnover . . . I wonder why . . .)

I am not an audiologist.. I'm a physicist - that 'hung out a shingle' about 
20 years ago..  

My only comment is that it has been my impression that most if not all
MD's, Dentists, Optometrists, Pharamcists & Audiologists & other educated 
professional health care specialists took it as a "given" that they would 
enter into private practice on getting their Doctorate.

In recent decades, I have been surprised at the number of these folks that 
have NOT done so, but rather have taken salaried jobs in commercial or 
governmental institutions...  Perhaps that trend has played-to-the-limit, 
where there are so many of you competing for the salaried positions that 
supply and demand priciples have taken over.

>I know that this is a simple case of supply and demand.  The supply of 
>audiologists is high, therefore the salaries are low.  But what can be done 
>about this?  I have heard people say "well, just don't take the low paying 
>jobs."  We cannot expect a new CFY to 'hold-out' for a high paying job when 
>they really aren't out there.  Are schools pumping out too many 
>audiologists?  Will the Au.D. really help this?

That may be true in part.  What would you have them (the schools) do?
One thing I might suggest is that they teach free enterprise..
"Methods of establishing a private practice; precepts and economoics", or 
the like.  It ought to CLEARLY enunciate what I know to be true; that the 
"pay" is low in the beginning, but later years (after 5-10 years, 
typically) you get ahead as compared to a salary.  If nothing else, you 
lead a more fulfilled life since you can pursue the modus operandi you 
like.  One has to presume that the Doctorate person has a little extra to 
give to life that will be rewarded..  And that I believe to be true.

Maybe I'm an idealist, but that's the way I see it.

Don't be afraid to launch your own practice.  


      /\/\/\/\/\/\/\ Sound Technology /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/

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