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LOW Pay for Audiologists!

Angelo Campanella acampane at postbox.acs.ohio-state.edu
Mon Aug 21 09:43:24 EST 1995

In article <417k9p$12o0 at usenetp1.news.prodigy.com> KVKY70A at prodigy.com (Joel Bealer) writes:

>You are in a position to make or break your future in audiology!  If you 
>have a background in retail, then you know how important it is to "sell" 
>a product to a consumer.  Just put yourself in the role of the product.  
>You must sell yourself.  But, don't sell yourself short.  I went through 
>the exact same situation with my wife and, I'll admit, it was tough for a 
>while.  However, I learned to sell myself and my skills and it has paid 
>immense dividends.  If you feel you are "settling" for a position, you 
>may be letting your self down in the log run.  The job market is as much 
>political as anything else.  Talk the talk and walk the walk, even if you 
>are uncomfortable doing so.  The better you get at selling yourself, the 
>more doors will be open up to you.

As a physiscist, I had the 'salaried' syndrome for many years. But the 
Aerospace layoffs that started in the early '70's put me in the unfortunate 
category of over-educated, etc.  The one thing that turned the corner for me 
was to take a Dale Carnegie Course - in public speaking, I think.  Anyway,
it opened my eyes as to how to sell myself and to get consulting jobs, which 
I have been doing successfully since.

It was clear to me that the training I received in school (physics) had 
essentially zero in it regarding the real world, project administration, 
economics and human relations.  The DC course was a cram study in human 
realtions especially as regards to selling.  By the time I finished that 
course (about 12 weeks at night) I had become an independent consultant..  
This, of course was propelled by the economics of the time (lost 
2 jobs in 1972), but it was properly facilitated by DC philosophy..

(See Dale Carnegie's book "How to win friends and influence people".)

So, I really think that independent practice is the best medicine. 

I think it would be beneficially to discuss here the priciples of setting 
up audiology practices..


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