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starting your own practice

susan moreland smorelan at MAGNUS.ACS.OHIO-STATE.EDU
Mon Aug 21 22:31:40 EST 1995

well ang, i would dearly love to have my own practice.  however, money is a
major adverse factor.  i'll be graduating in december and at that time all
my student loan lenders will come screaming at me to start sending them
*large* quantities of money.  this i'm supposed to do on the measly salary
of a CFY.

i know that there's plenty of time for me to hang my shingle after my CFY.
after all, i'm only 31 years old.  but hopefully you can understand me when
i say that the task seems pretty formidable.  i'll be paying on those
student loans for a very long time.  from all accounts, i am not going to
have an incredible amount of disposable income from working at an
audiologist.  so in order to come up with money enough to buy all the
necessary equipment, i'll have to take out a hefty business loan. then, of
course, i hope to get enough patients to make my practice float.  this, in
itself, is a scary prospect in the wake of potential health care reform.

i realize i'm sounding very "doom and gloomish", and i know that every day
people start successful and thriving private practices, but at this
particular stage in my life it seems highly unlikely i will try to do so.
do the benefits really outweigh the risks?  i'm not sure that i'm that much
of a gambler.  maybe later...


we stroll together silently,
just the two of us -- my wolf and me...

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