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Hearing Aid Prices and BIONET.AUDIOLOGY

David R. Weesner fr299 at cleveland.Freenet.Edu
Thu Jun 1 15:30:19 EST 1995

I would like to make a few additions to the justifications for 
hearing aid prices.  I believe that they are generally fair and
reasonable.  Consider:

1.  The value of our education and skill.  We are not the same as
clerks in a camera store.  We have paid a lot for our education
and training, and it has value.  I believe that audiologists, as
a group, tend to undervalue the worth of their skills.

2.  The "other costs" of a hearing aid.  While  The mark-up of
a hearing aid may be several times higher than the invoice, we
must also factor in the cost of being an audiologist.  First, there
are expenses associated with certification, licensure, and 
continuing education.  It costs upwards of $1000.00 a year just
to BE an audiologist, whether you practice in a multi-office
private practice of for a public health facility.  

    Secondly, there is the cost of having an audiology practice.
The average consumer does not stop to think that the soundproof.
room they're tested in costs as much as $50,000.00.  The audiometer
is $10,000.00, the real-ear machine is $6,000.00.  

     Lastly, there are the costs of running any business.  Overhead
such as rent, utilities, salaries, and good ol' American profit
all factor in.

So even in a hearing aid that's invoiced at $250.00, and gets sold
for $800.00, it's easy to see where all the extra money goes.  

My point is, hearing aids are worth the money.  We are worth the
money.  And if you think I'm some greedy guy trying to justify
my obscene prices, I work in a VA and I GIVE the hearing aids away.
I'm on straight salary.

Please forgive the typos, my system has no means with which to correct

So there's my opinion, and my first contribution to the newsgroup.
Value of my opinion = $.02

David Weesner, MA, CCC/A
drw2 at east-orange.va.gov
Brick, NJ

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