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Help! Surgically inflicted tinnitus and balance loss

Robert Alexander Leigh Robert at central2.demon.co.uk
Mon Jun 19 16:42:35 EST 1995

Urgent medical advice is needed for a friend of mine whose ear operation 
went tragically wrong. Last october she was given a "Stapedectomy",in 
other words a small bone was removed and a Teflon implant put in its 
place. It was supposed to cure the 80% deafness suffered in that ear.

The outcome was total deafness in that ear, tinnitus and loss of 
balance. After suffering disability for seven months with no clear 
explaination from her consultant, a second consultant was brought in. 
He advised the balance mechanism was damaged and a second operation was 
necessary to remove it. The expected result of this operation is that 
eventually she will adapt to using the one remaining good balance 
mechanism in the other ear and thus be able to once again walk properly 
and drive a car. However, the total deafness and tinnitus will remain 
in the afflicted ear.

Naturally she wishes she had been better advised in the first place of 
the risk of having the implant, but right now has got to do something 
to return to a normal life. Is there anybody out there who can advise 
on the wisdom of the second operation, or suggest an alternative cure?

-- Robert Leigh

robert at central2.demon.co.uk      

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