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Deep Canal Fittings

Matthew S. Staben mstaben at umich.edu
Fri Jun 23 12:38:58 EST 1995

Alan Sias <arsias at cyberport.net> wrote:

>HearWHAC at netins.net (HearWHAC) wrote:
>>What is your current feeling re: deep canals, with CICs and/or with other 
>>Seems like I have had a bunch of patients the past two weeks where I have 
>>been shortening the canals on ITEs and Canal aids from "deep canal" back to 
>>"conventional" lengths.

>My question is Why?  What have their reasons been for wanting them 
>reduced?  Physical discomfort?

>As I am just getting started, I too am interested in what the prevailing 
>opinion is.

>Alan Sias
>Audiology Services for Montana
>Kalispell, MT

As a hearing-aid wearer, I can say that the shorter the canal fitting
is on an ear-mold, the more comfortable it is.  Moreover, it is easier
to insert, allows the ear to breathe (ie, build up wax, heal, etc.);
and further -- I would expect to find, were the research specifics
available to me, that the ear canal offers a natural acoustical
passage which shapes the sound prior to it reaching the eardrum.  This
of course would allow a more "natural" sounding hearing device. 

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