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Need help: Noise blocker

Isaac Irving E. Davenport gt5672b at prism.gatech.edu
Tue May 16 21:09:54 EST 1995

David Scott Ross (dsr at grove.ufl.edu) wrote:
: Hi. Please forgive me if this is being posted to an inapropriate group, I am
: not quite sure where this belongs.

: Anyhow, I have a noise problem, specifically new people moved in next door, and
: they like to hang out outside. Problem is, while the interior walls of my
: apartment complex insulate sound well, if somebody is standing outside near
: my windows/sliding door, the sound comes into my apartment loud & clear.
: All they are doing is talking in a normal voice, but it sounds like they are
: doing it in my living room. I do not wish to complain, 'cause all they are
: doing is talking in a normal speaking voice, not partying, yet I am one of
: those people who needs quiet in order to study.

: So, I went and bought ear plugs. They were rated 24Db, but while they did a
: great job of quieting the hum from my A/C, voices came through loud and clear.
: (What did I expect for a $1.99 pair of industrial noise plugs???) So, I am
: looking for something (anything) that will shield against all noise, or at
: least specifically that of human speech. Someone told me Sharper Image might
: have a pair of headphones that plays background noise (water, waves, etc), but
: while this would be acceptable if it exists, I'd prefer something that just
: blocked noise entirely. If you can help, or tell me where to re-post this
: to get help, or even point me in the correct direction, I'd appreciate it.
I have had good results with the wax "swimmers" ear plugs at blocking such
frequencies, however, I don't find them very comfortable.
: Thanks,

: David.

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