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Audiology as a Career

T. Newell Decker tdecker at unlinfo.unl.edu
Wed May 17 10:02:47 EST 1995

joyce at bilbo.bio.purdue.edu wrote:
>I realize this newsgroup may have posting rules I am unaware of
>so please forgive me if I'm posting an "illegal" message.
>I am considering entering a Masters program in SLP/Audiology
>and need some input on Audiology. So far I have only met SLPs
>and am wondering if Audiology might be more appropriate for me
>as a career. Unfortunately all I hear from SLP's is that 
>Audiology is "alot like optometry" and that it struck them as 
>basically like being a "technician". I have not been able to 
>find a local audiologist that is available to talk with me.

I love to rspond to this type of absurditiy from our SLP "friends"...I 
am an audiologist and have been for 20+years..so let me respond to your 

I have learned over the years in my position at a major university that 
the people that are attratcted to audiology have a different type of 
personality than those who are attracted to SLP. The major difference is 
that audiology folks are more drawn to the quantitative aspects of 
audioology rather than the Qualitative aspects of SLP. In other words, 
if you like the science and are attracted to more "firm concepts" 
audiology is the place for you.

Audiologists are far more than the "dial twisters" that our SLP friends 
like to paint us as being.....the field has so many specialty areas that 
there is a place for everyone........
>Why did you go into audiology? Why does a Masters degree make
>sense for it? Do you feel like a "technician" (inother words 
>"Are you bored?") Are the career prospects as good as I hear
>they are for Speech Pathology?

I went into audiolgy becasue I could not stand the "soft science" 
"touchy-feely" nature of SLP...I have never been disappointed. I have 
NEVER felt like a technician. Our program graduates between 4-5 Masters 
audiologists per year and they all get good jobs. In the 20 years that I 
have been here I can never remember a student that did not get a job. If 
you consult the lastest ASHA figures on salaries you will find that , on 
average, audioogists make between $1500 and $3000 more per year than 
SLPs (reason enough to go into audiology).
>I appreciate any input anyone can give me.I feel like Audiology 
>been given the short end of the stick and would like to make
>a better informed decision.
Audiology has always been given the "short stick" and that is why we 
fijnally formed the American Academy of Audiology..a group is would 
strongly suggest you join if you go into audiology.

If you have a WWW browser you may check out the Home Page to our Program 
at: http://www.unl.edu/secd/audiology.html and from there you can 
back-track to the Home Page to our university. After doing this I would 
welcome your comments and questions.......good luck...Newell
>On a second note, does anyone know of a www page or bbs for 

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