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Hearing aid prices

Eric Smith eric at Primenet.Com
Fri May 19 18:55:42 EST 1995

In article <3pibje$1rt at geraldo.cc.utexas.edu>,
Jeffrey Sirianni <sirianni at uts.cc.utexas.edu> wrote:
>monetary figures should not be used within discussions.  This newsgroup does
>products, it is that this newsgroup cannot become a electronic advertising bulletin

There is a big difference between comparing prices and advertising.
The kind of advertising people object to is that which asks the
reader to send money to the advertiser.  The reason for such
objections is that the reader is paying part of the advertising
cost.  It's like getting junk mail with postage due.

Discussing hearing aid prices, on the other hand, is not advertising
at all, but is part of the continuing education of every audiologist.
Those who ignore prices do their clients a big disservice.
Furthermore, this message is cross posted from bit-listserv.deaf-l,
where discussing hearing aid prices is even more appropriate than
in bionet.audiology.  Anyone who really feels reluctant to discuss
prices in bionet.audiology should edit it out of the newsgroups
list when replying.

Or, if you feel reluctant to post prices even in deaf-l, you can
send email directly to the person who asked the question in the
first place, which in this case was me.

My main question was:  Which of these two hearing aids costs the
dealer more, and by how much:  Danavox DFS145, vs Oticon E34P.  I
got one answer that seems to give the information I wanted, but it
seems that it might have a typo in it making the information
incorrect.  Getting another answer from someone else would help
verify it.  The reason why I think it might have a typo is that it
implies a 269% markup from dealer cost to suggested retail price,
which is far higher than any hearing aid markup I've heard of

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