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Ringing in my ear????

Jeffrey Sirianni sirianni at uts.cc.utexas.edu
Fri May 19 09:37:58 EST 1995

In article <3pamco$791 at crcnis3.unl.edu>, azimlich at unlinfo.unl.edu (alden zimlich) says:

>Well, it is now ten years later and the ringing is getting louder.  I 
>called an audiologist recently and asked about my problem and she said
>that it could be due to a high frequency hearing loss.  Is this a 
>valid possibility?  I then asked her what I could, or she could do for
>me and she said that IF that is the cause she could do nothing.  This 
>is quite upsetting to me and since she said she could do nothing I 
>blew it off(why spend $200 on tests for them to tell me they can't do 
Since no one has stepped in on this one, I might as well go ahead.  Here
is some good and free advice.  If you have any loss of hearing, it is
recommended that you have your hearing tested once a year.  It is in
your best interest to know what the status of your hearing is and to
intervene if something is wrong.  If money is a problem, get a complete
evaluation during the first year (Air and Bone Conduction Thresholds,
Speech Reception Thresholds, Word Recogntion Testing, Tympanometry,
Acoustic Reflexes)... The Works.... That is your baseline, it may cost
you $75-$100, but at least you know about your hearing status.  Make an appt.
for 1 year in advance for Air Conduction Threshold testing only.  If
your hearing has not changed since last year, there is really no need
to pay so much money for all the tests that should be identical to the year

>Should I keep blowing this off or should I get a hearing test done?  
>Are there any other possibilities as to the cause of my ringing?  Is 
>there anything I can do to hear total silence?

Since you reported that the ringing is worse, you should get it checked.
Don't wait until it is too late.  Ringing, especially unilateral, can
be a sign of other more serious problems.... Get it checked, you'll feel
better after you do.... If your tinnitus is due to a hearing loss, and
not something more severe, then at least you've ruled out the worst.  Then
demand that your audiologist get information for you on tinnitus maskers
as well as literature from the ATA (American Tinnitus Association).


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