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Ron Blue rcb1 at LEX.LCCC.EDU
Tue Dec 3 12:24:37 EST 1996

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Date: Tue, 3 Dec 1996 08:22:58 -6
From: Lee Kent Hempfling <lkh at mail.cei.net>
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Subject: NTC NewsMail On Line

Archive-name: NewsMail96
Posting-Frequency: Regularly,daily and as posted.
Format: Moderated
Last-modified: 27 November 1996

                    Welcome! to NTC NewsMail

To subscribe send email to batong at aston.ac.uk with the header
"SUBSCRIBE NEWSMAIL" and the body "SUBSCRIBE your first name, your
last name", both without the quotes. You may unsubscribe at any time
by sending email to batong at aston.ac.uk with the header "UNSUBSCRIBE
NEWSMAIL" and the body "UNSUBSCRIBE your first name, your last name",
both without the quotes. 

Or you may subscribe by using the html form subscription block
contained at the NTC NewsMail world wide web page at 


We would appreciate your visiting the NewsMail www page at some time
to view the CHARTER for this confidential list 

This restricted access list is the place to discuss and ask questions
on the technology of Neutronics Technologies Corporation including
Enticy Brand products, Quantum- Relativity Theory, robotics,
artificial intelligence, COP Theory, CORE Technology, consciousness,
epistemology, neural correlates, and broad generic discussions of the
future of technology. It is an open forum where you can talk about
anything you like so long as it relates to Quantum-Relativity,
physics, robotics and the brain. 

Challenges and questions are welcome. NTC NewsMail is a confidential
list and as such cross posting of articles, comments and critiques to
newsgroups and other lists is strictly prohibited. 

A FAQ for this group will be made up from articles posted to it and
regularly updated. The address for the FAQ will be. 


Archives of all postings to the group will be kept at: 


and filed by year and month of posting. 

The moderated list NTCNewsMail was created in November 1996 with the
following charter: 


Appropriate postings would include, but not be limited to: 

1. Queries regarding Quantum-Relativity Theory
2. Queries regarding Correlational Opponent Processing Theory
3. How to resolve paradoxes
4. Causes of and definition of Consciousness
5. Intelligent Robotics
6. Mathematics in Physics
7. Artificial Intelligence and the replication of intelligence
8. Chaos Theory and Dynamic Systems
9. Causality, and cause and effect
10. The large and small scale structures of existence
11. Discussion of the scope and validity of existence theories
12. Viability of alternative theories
13. Experimental tests
14. Waves and Duality Issues
15. Theories and concepts
16. Predictive Systems
17. Quantum Mechanics
18. Special and General Relativity
19. Sub-group discussion (see below)
20. Advance paper disbursement

The newslist NTC NewsMail will be open to discussion on all levels. It
will accept talk about alternative theories and other controversial
discussions about Quantum-Relativity Theory which would be outside the
charter of most other lists, as well as more mainstream discussion on
physics as described by modern research to develop more unified
theories combining relativity and quantum mechanics. The FAQ will be
developed from postings to this group. The FAQ introduction will
advise caution against cross-posting to other groups. 


This list will also contain selected sub-group discussions which will
include confidentiality requiring a confidentiality agreement. Any
discussion at any time in the general list may be directed for further
discussion to a sub-group for clarification. If you wish to take part
in a confidentiality sub-group you may submit a request for the
confidentiality agreement to batong at aston.ac.uk. NTC and NTCE Ltd.
reserve the right to refuse access to sub-group acceptance. We will
not accept applications for sub-group access from competitors,
selected foreign agents as restricted by US or UK government foreign
policy for technology transfer or selected individuals without
accredited affiliation. 


The NTC NewsMail list will receive first access to papers published by
the researchers of NTC and NTCE Ltd. within restrictions placed by
confidentiality. Papers will either be sent in email or notification
of the paper availability will be given with a URL for access. 


The moderator of NTC NewsMail is Gerald Baton, President of NTC and
Director of NTCE Ltd. Mr. Baton has the final word on forwarding of
any mail directed to the list and may use such discretion as he sees
fit in doing his duties. 

NTC and NTCE Ltd.: 

NTC (Neutronics Technologies Corporation) is a US , Delaware
Corporation which is not affiliated by ownership to NTCE Ltd., a UK
Limited Company. The joint agreement between NTC and NTCE Ltd. is for
technology transfer, patent rights and licenses and no other
affiliation should be construed. 


|Lee Kent Hempfling                   |email:lkh at cei.net
|Chairman, CEO                        |http://www.aston.ac.uk/~batong/Neutronics/
|NTC Neutronics Technologies Corporation  |PO Box 3127 Fort Smith, AR USA 72913
|NTC Europe 78 Gibbons Road, Four Oaks, Sutton Coldfield, WEST MIDLANDS UK B75 5HB
"The greatest obstacle to learning is not ignorance but the illusion of knowledge." B.Kemler 

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