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Auditory Discrimination & Rentention

Mrs A J Hardwick jhardwick at argonet.co.uk
Wed Dec 4 18:18:10 EST 1996

In article <01bbe095$1d9b8160$5207b18e at ljvincent.ns.sympatico.ca>, "LJ
Vincent" <ljvincent at ns.sympatico.ca> wrote:
> If anyone could provide information on a child who has a learning
> disability described as auditory discrimination and retention, or a good
> source to commence looking, it would be of great help.  The child has
> already seen neurologists, standard audiologists, optomitrists, etc.  A
> good starting point might be some reference litereature.  Thanks!
Unless your child has a hearing impairment rather than a learning
difficulty, these difficulties are typical of dyslexic people. Try
"dyslexia" on the internet or in your library. There is so much written
about it now. One of my most useful books as a teacher is by Bryant and
Bradley called Children's Reading Difficulties. It describes recent research
and has 2 good chapters on multi-sensory teaching methods using plastic
letters which might help your child. (Depends on the type and severity of
the dyslexia.) Good luck!

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