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AuD can't be called "Doctor" in Iowa!

mikey gandalf at infi.net
Fri Dec 13 14:33:29 EST 1996

Not true. I may call myself whatever I wish, where ever I wish, freedom of
speech and all. What you may not do is write the word "doctor" as part of
your credentials or on your letterhead, in Iowa. One of my golfing buddies
is called Doctor Horner. He has no Ph.D. or MD, but that is his name (mine
is the Deacon, one guy is the Mole, etc.)

You folks ought to find a real life for yourselves, rather than try to
shoot other people down all the time.

Live and let live, Paul
mikey (%^ )

HearWHAC <HearWHAC at netins.net> wrote in article
<58o71j$3ni at insosf1.netins.net>...
> The Iowa Code specifically prohibits audiologists without Ph.D. degrees
> using the title, "Doctor." You can easily find this section of the Iowa
> on the Internet. Use your web browser to find:
> http://www2.legis.state.ia.us/Indices/AllIndices.html
> After you reach this site, select the second item, "Code 1995 and merged 
> Supplement."
> Then insert the word "Doctor" in the search engine and select the very
> item the search brings.
> So, of what value is it to spend $500 or $750 for something you can't
> anyone you have it? I would suspect that most states, probably all of
> have similar prohibitions. 
> Paul Woodard ;-)

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