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AuD can't be called "Doctor" in Iowa!

mikey gandalf at infi.net
Sun Dec 15 17:22:47 EST 1996

Jeffrey Sirianni <audioman at HCTC.NET> wrote in article
<32B3B195.3B9D at hctc.net>...
> "mikey" <gandalf at infi.net> writes:
> >Not true. I may call myself whatever I wish, where ever I wish, freedom
> >speech and all. What you may not do is write the word "doctor" as part
> >your credentials or on your letterhead, in Iowa. One of my golfing
> >is called Doctor Horner. He has no Ph.D. or MD, but that is his name
> >is the Deacon, one guy is the Mole, etc.)
> Before you jump to conclusions, I think Paul was adding informative 
> information based on laws in Iowa.  I don't think he was trying to get on

> anyone's back.
> Sure, you can call yourself a Doctor on the golf course, but are you
> that a person without an M.D. or a Ph.D. can call themselves a Doctor in 
> their professional office or when discussing audiology with someone?
> -- 

I am called Doctor by about half my patients, in spite of the fact that I
always introduce myself as Mr. ....., my secretaries always say (by my
instruction) "Mr. ..... will be with you shortly."  I have corrected a few
patients, and have been told that they will call me what they wish. I gave
up worrying about it 20 years ago. Occasionally, someone will ask me if I
hold the doctorate. I answer honestly, as I answer all questions honestly,
and to the best of my ability (remember your insult to me about dispensing

So, am I worried that a hearing aid dealer in Iowa is going to turn me in?

Not hardly.

If I had wanted a Ph.D. I would have worked as hard as those guys do. I
elected to make my way as a Master 25 years ago. Today, I would try for the
Ph.D., even though I think there are too many doctors around. I like to
stand out from the crowd (and from the Ed.D.s, O.D.s, and D.O.s).

The Au.D is an acknowledgment of a life spent in service to the hard of
hearing. All those who insult others about it, and those who aspire to hold
it, are welcome to try to achieve the Ph.D., if that is their life goal.
But, please, leave those of us who are proud of our time in audiological
service alone.

Have you noticed, every psychologist in the world is called Dr. so and so? 

What a bore.
mikey (%^ )

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