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AuD can't be called "Doctor" in Iowa!

mikey gandalf at infi.net
Wed Dec 18 19:05:36 EST 1996

Rats, a common sense and gentlemanly respose from Jeff. Now what am I
supposed to do? 

Actually, Jeff's points are exactly on target, and represent my views to a
tee. If I have been misunderstood, please refer to Jeff's comments as to
what I meant to say.

Thamks, guy. (and please forgive the dig at Paul. I get so many jealous
h.a. dealers up here that a normal person appears to be dissing audiology
when he has a constructive comment.)
mikey (%^ )

Jeffrey Sirianni <audioman at HCTC.NET> wrote in article
< at hctc.net>...
> "mikey" <gandalf at infi.net> writes:
> >In response to Jeffrey Sirianni <audioman at HCTC.NET> wrote in article
> >> Sure, you can call yourself a Doctor on the golf course, but are you
> >>implying that a person without an M.D. or a Ph.D. can call themselves a
> >>Doctor in their professional office or when discussing audiology with
> >>someone?
> >I am called Doctor by about half my patients, in spite of the fact that
> >always introduce myself as Mr. ....., my secretaries always say (by my
> >instruction) "Mr. ..... will be with you shortly." I have corrected a
> >patients, and have been told that they will call me what they wish. I 
> >gave up worrying about it 20 years ago. Occasionally, someone will ask
> if >I hold the doctorate. I answer honestly.....
> I think you are describing a common phenomena that many male hearing
> care providers encounter when working in a health profession.  This is
not a
> "gender slam", but an honest statement from someone else who corrects
> patients that call me "Doctor".
> >...as I answer all questions honestly, and to the best of my ability
> >(remember your insult to me about dispensing CICs?)
> I can't say that I remember that one.  Are you sure it was me?  Please
> privately to refresh my memory....
> >So, am I worried that a hearing aid dealer in Iowa is going to turn me 
> >in?
> >
> >Not hardly.
> I don't think that was Paul's intention in any way, shape, or form.  He
> only offering a clearer explanation of Iowa law for our informational
> I guess I have a hard time with professionals in this field that like to
> flaunt their credentials rather than their skill level.  This is not an
> attack on you, Mikey, as you do not exhibit this trait.  But there are
> people out there who think that because they have a Ph.D. in audiology
> they are somewhat better diagnosticians or better in fitting hearing
> than the rest of us.  A local audiologist in our town has a phonebook
> that reads "Dr. Joe Smoe, Ph.D., CCC-A, FAAA".  There is nothing wrong
> listing degrees and professional organizations that one belongs to, but
> tacking on the "Dr.", along with a Ph.D. or AuD., you put yourself in
> the chiropractors (D.C.) and clinical psychologists (Psy.D.), which
> turns my stomach.  
> >The Au.D is an acknowledgment of a life spent in service to the hard of
> >hearing. All those who insult others about it, and those who aspire to 
> >hold it, are welcome to try to achieve the Ph.D., if that is their life
> >goal. But, please, leave those of us who are proud of our time in
> >audiological service alone.
> I could not agree more.  But let the AuD degree be something that is
> by people who deserve it via years of experience and expertise, and that
> signifies a person that is an expert in audiology in the comprehensive
> If the degree is too easily earned, it will carry no major significance.
> Jeff
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