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Pay & Benefits Audiology

Thomas Wardzala wardzal9 at mailw.starnetinc.com
Thu Feb 1 00:09:12 EST 1996

OK....I wrote the posting that you critiqued, so I'd like to reply to your
criticism, and fill in a few parts that my flying fingers missed when I
was typing that posting.....my typos made me look more radical than I

My main thrust was that I felt that I was passed over for positions in
audiology based not on my knowledge or experience, but on my age and
graduation date.  As a student, I was one of those people that put MYSELF
through undergrad and grad at a very expensive midwestern school (as a
hint:  they finally learned to play football there), so I am not some son
of a wealthy-whiner.....I worked at least two jobs during school.  During
my grad program, I was placed at a number of settings, including a VA
hospital where I WAS seeing patients, making recommendations, and even
fitting amplification on my own decisions, with my supervisor's advice. 
By the time I graduated, I was actually working a couple of extra days at
my next hospital placement filling a maternity leave....and I earned
decent pay after I earned my MA.  However, when I had to find a job after
the maternity leave ended, I was turned down constantly because I LACKED
EXPERIENCE......what kind of experience did they want?  6 months was
enough to keep me out of one hospital position!  Phooey!  I finally did
land a good hospital audiologist position, and I will not complain about
the pay or benefits because they are pretty good.  However, I've also seen
friends of mine work their asses off for squat.  I am not advocating or
demanding to make as much as a veteran in the field for 10 years, but I do
think that we deserve salaries of more than 23k/year with no benefits. 
(This is where I misstated myself before)  McDonalds managers earn that
much and DO earn benefits.  I mean to say that our knowledge is much more
valuable than that (agreeing with you).  The 'cycle of stupidity' I
mentioned before came to me in a moment of passion, so I will tone down
the language, but not the sentiment.  The hazing that goes on as one
enters the profession is unnecessary....I KNOW doctors go through it in
residencies...does that make it RIGHT?  I dont' think so.  What I was
calling for was for employers to not lose sight of THEIR professionalism
and the stature of their profession.....hiring at dirt rate pay IS

And by the way....as much as I want to encourage you to come into this
field, and as sorry as I am for you that you also have to endure
classmates with Rockefeller for parents, I do want to point out to you
that those of us concerned about pay for new-grads ARE new grads, or soon
to be.  When you are in the same position, you will probably feel the same
way.  And that will be justified.

Just my honest opinion, nothing more.

"Noboby with a good car needs to be justified....and I'll tell you why....I've come a long way since I believed in anything, and I've been half-way around the world....where you come from is gone, where you thought you were goin' weren't never there, and where you are ain't no good until you can get away.....Let's hit the fuckin' road."

Tom Wardzala
wardzal9 at mailw.starnetinc.com

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