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Pay & Benefits Audiology

Sue Klaus AXMA34A at prodigy.com
Sun Feb 4 16:51:45 EST 1996

Having been in the field 11 years and observed it since i left in 1987, 
there are a few points to ponder-  if you want to "help people", think 
about the following:

check out the want ads and count the openings for audiologists versus 
physical, occupational and respiratory therapists.  this will tell you 
how packed the field is.

also keep in mind that you can get right to work with a Bachelor's degree,
 without the expense of a Master's

also keep in mind that with this added demand, the salaries are higher 
(so it is a buyer's market - a crowded one at that)

add to normal living expenses and paying off student loans the expense of 
belonging to ASHA and continuing education.  then think about how this 
association can't seem to put public service announcements explaining 
what audiologists do until 3am.  And that it is still pretty much 
controlled by the speech therapy factions.

then think about this . . . the field didn't exist before WWII, and was 
developed by otolaryngologists who wanted to lower their chances of 
malpractice suits.  

the fight against this may be private practice, but what graduate has the 
bucks for the horribly expensive equipment required by the profession?

no, i don't have answers - but that is part of why i left the field.  i 
knew something was wrong when i was paid more as an administrative 
assistant a few years later than i was ever paid as an audiologist - in 
11 years -  with extensive and varied experience, including boosting 
profits for a speech and hearing clinic.

the professors won't tell you - they need you for their tenure.
the university won't tell you - they need you for their income.
the association won't tell you - they stand to make money off you.
the otolaryngologists won't tell you - they just want your services for 
and often your colleagues won't tell you - because you become nothing but 
competition to them.

off my soapbox.  i don't require you agree - just look at the want ads 
and see the truth for yourself.

Sue Klaus

AXMA34A at prodigy.com 
Sue Klaus Designs! Jewelry Design AND Looking for the Twenty-First 
Century Relationship (self-published)

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