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Pay & Benefits Audiology

HearWHAC HearWHAC at netins.net
Wed Feb 7 22:23:25 EST 1996

Sue Klaus writes some interesting material about audiologists:
>Having been in the field 11 years and observed it since i left in 1987, 
>there are a few points to ponder <snip much excellent stuff>

Sue, I have a question that might also be on the minds of others who monitor 
this forum. If you left the field nine years ago, why are you monitoring 
this forum now? Do you still have any interest in audiology?

I spent ten years preparing for and working in another field (protestant 
ministry) and then left it cold turkey! I have enjoyed this field for the 
past 27 years and will soon retire at age 63 very financially secure! This 
field has been good to me - but I'm here because I like it, not because it 
has been financially profitable!

One of my concerns in the past 20 years as I have watched audiology emerge 
is the fact that a person has to make a decision to become an audiologist at 
too young an age - possibly before they are really ready to make that 
decision. In the old days, we could wait until later in life when we are 
more mature, more motivated and actually will do a better job in this field! 
(I am not an audiologist - was too old to go back and get the degree - but 
am respected among audiologists. Three audiologists have called me, "boss," 
for many years - although I really am not their "boss." I just happen to own 
the business.) I made the decision when I was 36 and had already succeeded 
in two other careers - ministry and then insurance industry (ended up as 
Regional Vice President of Agencies). Some of the very best dispensers 
didn't enter the field until later in life. My father was 42. Neither he nor 
I were ready to make that decision at age 22!

Audiology is at a crossroads right now - is it going to become a 
"profession" or remain something like nursing, i.e. "I'll have my 'girl' 
check your hearing now"?

In addition to requiring "sciences" in the audiology program, when are they 
going to add a little "Business 101"? Putting Bus. 101 into the curriculum 
would add some "s u c c e s s" to the future of audiology.

Gosh, that was my 2 cents worth!

Paul Woodard ;-)
Des Moines Iowa USA

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