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Where are the decibel police?

Robert Pluta rpluta at THOUGHTPORT.NET
Wed Feb 14 22:09:06 EST 1996

At 10:27 AM 2/13/96, Bill Dawes wrote:
>What's the defense against this? Clubs that are concerned about
>the health of their clientele certainly shouldn't be destroying

Bill, Catherine,

I don't know if there's anything that *we* can do. Sure, we can complain,
but how much good does it do especially if not enough people complain? You
bring up some good points and I suggest you may want to write a letter to a
higher-up in the health club management. There's much evangelism for the
hearing impaired and for us audiologists (incl. national organizations!) to

I suggest the best defense is to bring your own ear plugs into the gym and
use them. I doubt you'd be the only one using them. I think this is even
more important to you and others with tinnitus -- to use ear protection
when exposed to potentially loud sounds. Believe it or not, at my gym I saw
an older woman wearing a hearing *aid* near the aerobics area. Hopefully
she was just passing by -- but still, the moisture!!

>Is it difficult and expensive to check decibels?

No it's usually not difficult and it's not expensive!

>citizen feels like the lone whiner if s/he complains about this.
>I lost a lot of hearing in the army 45 years ago, and live with
>annoying tinnitis, perhaps that's why these high volume situations
>bug me more than others present...

That's a difficult thing for people to understand when they don't know
about hearing loss and its effects. Many folks think if you have hearing
loss that loud volume shouldn't bother you. More educating!

hang in, Bill

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