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Where are the decibel police?

Tony Woolf tony at howl.demon.co.uk
Wed Feb 14 17:52:00 EST 1996

In article <v01530500ad46b0b5c1fc@[]>
           chollevo at PACIFIER.COM "Catherine Hollevoet" writes:

> I have complained zillions of times about the loudness level of
> the aeorobics instructors and have seen no changes. Sometimes the
> instructor is so loud her voice is distorted. However, I don't think the
> levels are loud enough to damage your hearing just loud enough to give you
> a headache and ruin your workout. Any suggestions about what works to get
> them to lower the volume???

Do you pay for these classes?  What happened to the customer always
being right?
I suspect the "decibel police" are not very interested in you because
you're not being ill-treated by an evil employer, but are there by
choice.  The instructor is of course at work, but (s)he's a small
business, probably self-employed.  The safety inspectors probably
prefer to attack bigger targets such as bottling plants and newpaper
printing works.

You could try earplugs such as the ones sold in the UK as EAR type
ER-20, otherwise known as "eartech".  I don't know who sells them in
the US but someone else on this group will.  These give plenty of
protection for the sort of sound levels you are exposed to, but still
allow fair speech intelligibility.

Tony Woolf

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