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fitting hearing aids without Real-Ear

Dawna Lewis LEWIS at BoysTown.ORG
Tue Dec 2 09:03:48 EST 1997

As an audiologist working at a facility that sees a large pediatric population, 
we find real ear measures to be vital.  In this population, there are a number 
of obvious factors that limit our ability to obtain subjective information 
regarding the HA fitting.  In addition, the small size of the ear canal and 
resulting increase in SPL in the ear canal make it very important that we make 
those measures imperically.  Being able to assess the audibility of speech 
across a variety of input levels is important for this population, who are 
learning speech and language, also.  I could go on and on about the advantages 
of real ear in the pediatric population, but you get the idea.  Real ear 
measures are not the end of the fitting with children (or adults for that 
matter) but they are an important part of the complete picture.

Dawna Lewis

>if you read my last message, this will explain why I was so dismayed at
>one of the interviews I had...
>being a recent graduate (2 years experience), I have never fit hearing
>aids without the aid of a real ear system.  I recently interviewed for
>a job where the ENT would expect me to do just that.  Quite frankly, it
>was enough to make me almost decide not to take the job on the spot.
>Then, I thought about it and wondered if I was being o'er hasty.
>How 'bout it gang?  What's the vote on the real ear?  can't live without
>it?  nice, but not essential?  
>I'm just plain, darn ignorant about how to even go about fitting aids
>without real ear other than to go by what the person says/complains about
>and putting them in the booth and doing soundfield aided and unaided. 
>I asked this ENT if he was going to purchase a real ear system and his
>response was that "my other audiologists have never asked me for one."  
>I'm wondering if I'd be better off delivering pizzas...(THIS IS A JOKE)
>Thanks in advance for any and all comments...
>Susan Lopez

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