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Brad whitneyb at erols.com
Fri Dec 26 15:24:46 EST 1997

The last portion of my last post dis not make it to either of the 
ISP news servers I use, so here is hopfully the rest of the story!
(It appears their are bugs in the new filtering software)

>Your posts to this newsgroup have often been informative and helpful and
>I hope that you will continue to post.  However, the continued negative
>attitude towards the Widex hearing aid is wearing thin.  The Widex
>hearing aid is BY FAR the most popular digital hearing aid in the
>world.  While it may not be perfect, more consumers have chosen it then
>any other digitial hearing aid and the reports that I have received from
>patients have been quite positive.  No hearing aid will be perfect, and
>continued expression of the faults without mention of the vast
>improvements will not help anyone.
>Just my opinion.
>Glen R. Meier, M.S., CCC-A, FAAA
>gtniowa at netins.net

My posts making reference to Widex are factual posts, not a 
"negative attitude" towards the product, but a presentation
of information provided by experienced Senso users.  I am 
sorry my postings may have come accoss this way.  My comments 
in the posts are in contrast, as one individual emailed me, 
refering to this newsgroup, "the Senso sales support group".
Consumer information from actual users of hearing products
are really only available here on the Internet.

As the Senso is the single highest margined hearing aid on the 
US market (as reported by several reputable sources) it is 
unquestionably the highest selling all digital aid on the market 
(since it is the only digital CIC on the market).  Every dealer 
has financial incentive to recommend and sell this aid over 
all others.  Unfortunately, it is also being recommended for 
use where good aids costing perhaps half as much could be used 
with the same or even better end user performance.

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