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SPAM in the Newsgroup

Jeffrey Sirianni audioman at HCTC.NET
Tue Jul 1 22:12:11 EST 1997

dgdelage at ix.netcom.com (David G. Delage) replies to:

Jeffrey Sirianni <audioman at hctc.net> who wrote:

>>I recently received email from participants who are sick of the spam posts
>>pertaining to child pornography and psychic helplines in the newsgroup.
>>The problem has recently gotten very bad and I do not see it getting any
>>better with the proliferation of bulk email software and services.

>One way to deal with it is to go to a moderated format, that's for
>sure. Another way is to find out who sent the spam, and email the
>postmaster for that domain stating that this individual is disrupting
>the group. All but the most cunning of the spammers can be easily
>tracked down by the information given in the post, so it is not
>difficult to find the culprit.

I have "replied" to the original posters of the spam messages and all
of my email messages bounced back to me.

As I do not know that much about bulk email programs, I would appreciate
any information from anyone who knows how they work.

When a person obtains a bulk emailer, is it usually part of an account
on some server that encourages or facilitates such practice, or can anyone
on any server obtain a bulker emailer program and set up shop from there
home server, whether the home server wants them to to this or not?

>While a moderated format would indeed rid all of the non-topic posts
>from the newsgroup, it places an extraordinary burden on the
>moderators of the group. I personally would rather have the
>moderators spending their time adding to the positive content of this
>group than removing the negative content.

I agree.  Susan and I have been talking about the added time and
responsibility required to go to a moderated format.  I guess if
the members of this group want to go to a moderated format, and Susan
and I accept the responsibility of going to a moderated format, then our
time would benefit the group members as a whole.

More comments are appreciated...

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