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Battery for HA

Jeffrey Sirianni audioman at HCTC.NET
Tue Jul 1 22:45:18 EST 1997

lawtan at pacific.net.sg (Lawrence Tan) writes:

>I understand that worldwide, there is a ban on Mercury Oxide
>batteries. For hearing aids the switch is to Zinc Air type. 

I don't know if they are banned, but Zinc air is much safer and
last longer than mercury oxide batteries at a minimal increase
in price.

>The holes behind Zinc air batteries are to allow air to interact with
>the zinc inside the batteries. However, in humid climate, the holes 
>are often blocked by prespirations and moisture. This caused the
>batteries to stop discharging and as a result hearing aids like
>Phonak Super Front Push-Pull series of hearing aids do not function
>well with this type of batteries.

>Do anyone out there experience this problem and what other alternative
>type of batteries can be used. Silver oxide is out as they are too

>Name Lawrence Tan, Aud. Tech; CSHI, Singapore 
>E-mail lawtan at pacific.net.sg 
>Homepage http://home.pacific.net.sg/~lawtan 
>ICQ UIN 1443716 

I would guess that a humid environment like Singapore would pose
humidty and moisture problems for hearing aid users.  I guess my
best advuce is to use a Dri-Aid kit, which removes moisture from
hearing aids at night.  The batteries must be removed or the
descicant will dry out the battery and shorten its life.  Another
idea is the use of Super Seal covers for BTE users.

Does anyone have any suggestions for keeping batteries dry?

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