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SPAM in the Newsgroup

user at sig.below user at sig.below
Wed Jul 2 10:23:29 EST 1997

On 1 Jul 1997 20:12:11 -0700, audioman at HCTC.NET (Jeffrey Sirianni) wrote:

+dgdelage at ix.netcom.com (David G. Delage) replies to:
+>One way to deal with it is to go to a moderated format, that's for
+>sure. Another way is to find out who sent the spam, and email the
+>postmaster for that domain stating that this individual is disrupting
+>the group. All but the most cunning of the spammers can be easily
+>tracked down by the information given in the post, so it is not
+>difficult to find the culprit.
+I have "replied" to the original posters of the spam messages and all
+of my email messages bounced back to me.

There are faq's regarding spam in E-mail and spam in Use nets.
These are good starting places if you have a lot of time. It is not
as easy as it sounds to find these sources due to faked headers.

E-mail Spam faq


Use net Spam faq


+As I do not know that much about bulk email programs, I would appreciate
+any information from anyone who knows how they work.

They get quite exotic in their methods, the following page lists those
available and some describe how they work. Be sure to check out
"Cyber-Bomber" by the spam master, Stanford Wallace, on the following


Some good tips on locating faked headers at the following


How to complain if you manage to track them down


Other spam info resources listings


Tools to locate domains


There are shareware programs to do "whois", "nslookup" and "traceroute"
available from most all shareware sites. These are useful tools in tracking
down the source or follow the tracks up the ladder to their providers  It
does little good to respond directly to the perpetrator.

+When a person obtains a bulk emailer, is it usually part of an account
+on some server that encourages or facilitates such practice, or can anyone
+on any server obtain a bulker emailer program and set up shop from there
+home server, whether the home server wants them to to this or not?

See "Cyber-Bomber" description of useage as above.

+More comments are appreciated...

I, personally, have been getting a lot of unsolicited commercial e-mail. 
I find the practice to be repulsive and have been attempting to trace and
report abuses to the sources. Where I can't find the actual offender, I
attempt to report him to his source of service to be ID'ed and dealt with.
I have had some success and several confirmed kill's, accounts
terminated by their ISP's, for breaking their rules of useage.

The main sources of addresses are the use nets. They have software
that scans the "From:" headers and compiles the user names for
sale to the spammers. You can significantly lower your exposure to
these practices by using a descriptive, faked From: header, such as
I have done, while providing your correct address in your signature.

Bob Wood
bwood at netcom.com

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