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Tri0logic - revision

Ronald Blue rcb5 at MSN.COM
Fri Jul 4 00:24:59 EST 1997

 Imagine a logic system with synchronicity built into it.
 Binary logic will not do it.  In Binary logic we have yes/no
 or true/false.  This is a digital system.
 An analog logic system can have synchronicity built into it.
 The Neutronics Technologies Corporation's Correlational
 Opponent Ratio Enhanced Processor or CORE(tm) (patent pending) processor
 is an illustration.  The CORE(tm) processor uses tri0logic.
 Tri0logic allows quantum parallelism in that any calculation
 can be performed on all 2 ^n bits at once.  Collapsing of the
 quantum superposition occurs only at the moment of observation.
 The other half of the superposition becomes memory.  Decoherence is not
 allowed because of the protocol of processing and the fact that the
 memory pool is quite large, 100 quintrillion bits, comparied to the
 processing speed of 28 hertz (which is only the level of the current
 prototype, the process is able to handle higher processing speed).
 Tri0logic acts as a (non-binary, non-Everett Style) quantum logic gate
 since all possibilities are present in the logic system.  Ironically,
 the Tri0logic system works only so long as an outside observer does not
 know the internal state confirming the uncertainty principle.  It is 
 useable in that internal observations are not necessary.

 The CORE(tm) processor couples all information in a Correlational Opponent
 Ratio Enhanced Process which is why it is a processor.  The
 CORE/Tri0logic process also avoids the classic quantum problems of
 having negative probabilities.  Notice that the wavelength pulse rate
 allows the sending of long strings of blocks of information to encode the
 information which allows the ultimate theoretical limits of quantum
 signaling to be reached.  Oscillons in wavelet packets and joint
 (non-observed) measurements assures that information is successively
 decoded from the available quantum states.  This then means that 
 information can be conveyed up to the maximum amount theoretically 
 Tri0logic allows data to modulate between the values of 0 - 1 - 0
 with the 1 being a variable from the neutral of 0, down to 0 (nothing). 
 This gives us three zeros.  The Tri0logic then is that in any synchronous
 phenomenon relative truths exist from a range of strong truth or high 
 correlations  of associations, and lower levels of truth or low associations.
 With the potential of a non existence likewise assumed, Tri0logic permits
 the infinite.

 This then means that all levels of truth exist which is similar to
 Plato's idealism.  The model even confirms Hume's argument that
 there is no cause and effect only associations.  Binary is similar to a
 realist position.   We then have in Tri0logic a world of maybe.
 The ironic part of this is that knowing is a wave computation
 of a weight history (see Hempfling, 1997 - Wave Computation
 - http://www.neutronicstechcorp.com)
 such that a high correlation acts as if it was a particle, therefore
 reflecting the quantum duality of wave/particle.
 The CORE processor duplicates the mind precisely (COP theory).  It is
 aware.  It is conscious (other aware with self-awareness patent pending
 as well).  It knows.  It learns.  It is logical.  It is
 creative.  It knows cases without experiencing the case.
 Ron Blue

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