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testing hearing aids

orgenm at juno.com orgenm at juno.com
Thu Jul 3 20:51:24 EST 1997

In article <33B84FDD.3BF4 at eramp.net>,
  "James G. Odom" <jgodom at eramp.net> wrote:
> Jeffrey Sirianni wrote:
> >
> > orgenm at juno.com writes:
> >
> > >I've been trying out a pair of starkey sequel cic's for a few weeks.
> > >Sometimes they seem to work OK, but sometimes they don't seem to be
> > >working at all. Would it be appropriate (or would it help) to have a
> > >hearing test with the aids in my ears, in order to try to objectively
> > >determine what, if any, change in my hearing is effected by the aids?
> >
> > One nice thing about CIC's is that functional testing can be performed
> > for each each using headphones.  I use this method to show a patient
> > how much benefit they are receiving at each frequency for each ear.  If
> > you are unsure of the benefits you are getting with these devices, ask
> > your audiologist of dispenser to measure functional gain with the aids
> > on using headphones.
> > ***************************************************
> You don't indicate if this is a programmable or standard Sequel, but you
> might have your provider look into the settings of the circuit.  I have
> seen folks who "lost sound" because the compression or kneepoint were
> set inappropriately.  Does it seem to not work as well in excessive
> noise, or also in "normal" situations.  I have also seen a few CIC cases
> who had intermittent sound problems which turned out to be the aid
> shifting position in the canal and pushing up against the outer canal
> wall, effectively shutting off the sound coming out of the receiver.
> These were fixed by shortening the canal, with minimal change in sound
> quality.

Did the aid shift because the fit wasn't tight enough? I find that the
aids sometimes move a little bit out of position when I'm chewing
something.  (I just have to gently push them back in; it seems to have
become a habit.)  Would you say that's something to be expected?

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