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Audiology Format Study Group

mike heardoc1 at ix.netcom.com
Mon Jul 7 18:15:28 EST 1997

In <199706071114.1927242.7 at frye.com> gfrye at FRYE.COM ("George J. Frye")
>Audiology Format Study Group Formed 
>Under sponsorship of ANSI S3.48 Subcommittee of Hearing Aid Standards
>The purpose of the study group is to Standardize Terms and Formats of 
>audiometric data. The goal of the study group is to enable
>between software modules that are used by audiologists and other 
>professionals in the field of hearing. 
>If the study group is successful in meeting its goal, software modules

>that connect to measurement instruments to collect data, database
>that are used to store data, and office management systems with their 
>databases will all be able to communicate "on the same wavelength," 
>allowing professionals to collect, store, retrieve and statistically 
>examine data that has been collected.  The goal is an open data 
>communication standard.
>At present, the group is looking at terminology associated with 
>audiometric tests and hearing aid measurements (both real ear and 
>coupler). Other topics that will be added are impedance measurements, 
>otoacoustic emissions, evoked response, loudness scaling and a simple 
>patient profile. Other topics will be added as needed. If possible, 
>terminology will be drawn from ANSI and IEC/ISO standards that have
>developed to cover these fields. The interests of present NOAH users
>being considered and HIMSA is represented in the study group.
>Meetings are ongoing, with the last taking place at the Etymotic
>meeting facility near Chicago on June 21. 
>If you are interested in participating through correspondence or as an

>active member, please contact me by email to gfrye at frye.com.
>George J. Frye
Be afraid, be very afraid. Run while you still have some professional
standards, is my best advice. Good luck in whatever you decide!


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