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a worried father

Dennis Crapanzano admiral-miles at worldnet.att.net
Sat Jul 12 14:48:47 EST 1997

> >
> >Has anyone heard about, read about, or have experience with the
> >"readjusting to his ears" idea?  There is nothing about this
> >in the literature the doctor/hospital gives out about otitis media
> >and myringtomy surgery and I have not heard of it from any
> >other source.
> During the very early years, "Auditory templates", or blueprints for
> language are being set in the brain.
> When there is a long-standing, or repetitive conductive loss, even if
> its mild to moderate, there can be a slowing in phonological or "sound
> system" development.
> In other words, the interplay of auditory stimulation and neurological
> processing of sound eventually creates a system for recognizing and
> categorizing sounds onto meaningful information.
> Children and adults who regain hearing after a period of loss will
> often still require more time to process things they have heard , when
> adjusting to more sound.
> In short, it will take time for your son's brain to speed up its
> comprehension of sound received.
> Eventually, word recognition and general response to speech improves,
> in the vast majority of people, as long a the hearing loss is kept at
> bay.
> >
Hello, I am not an audioligst but I saved on disk a research
presentation addressing that very subject. I will attach it to this
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