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a worried father

AemtMA aemtma at aol.com
Sun Jul 13 21:58:39 EST 1997

Hello John...

My name is Amy and I have been hard-of-hearing since birth.  I have done a
research and understand a lot about hearing loss.  A deceibel of 0-10 is
perfect hearing and a deceibel of 10-20 is a normal hearing for everybody.
 An audiologist will not recommend a hearing aid for someone that has a
loss below 30dB.  A 20-40 is a mild hearing loss (a few words can be
missed in a conversation but not a whole lot).  A 40-55 is a moderate
hearing loss, 55-70 is a moderate-severe loss, 70-85 is a severe loss, and
85-110 is a profound hearing loss...  
    Talking about frequencies.......250 is low frequency (hear a watch
tick or heartbeat), between 500-1000 is the low vowels in the human speech
range, between 1000-4000 is the high cosonants in the human speech range,
and 6000 to 8000 is the high frequency (hear birds sing, crickets,
whistles, etc.).  A normal conversation that all humans talk is in the
deceibel range of 50-70...  Everybody's voices are different and they lie
on different frequencies.  Fluids in the ears can cause sounds to sound
flat and makes hearing fluctuate which you see a difference on his hearing
chart.  My hearing fluctuates as the years go by because of allergies,
colds, and other problems.  I don't know exactly what to tell you but to
explain about how to read the audiograms and what they mean and what the
audiologist will do about hearing aid(s)...  Hope this helps.  A child
with a 20-25 deceibel is a mild to normal hearing loss which is common in
everybody like adults...

:)  Let me know what's happening...take care.


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