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people's hearing-impaired relatives in faraway places

Jeffrey Sirianni audioman at HCTC.NET
Wed Jul 16 01:08:09 EST 1997

Maxianne Berger <maxib at CAM.ORG> writes:

>The friend of a colleague has a relative in the Ukraine with a
>severe bilateral hearing loss. She's asked me to find out what I
>can about what might be done to help this man.

I don't have any suggestions in helping with acquiring hearing aids
for this person.  Sorry.....

>In similar situations, we've sometimes directed people to a local
>dispenser who has donated and reconditioned hearing aids. We've
>suggested the person bring stock earmolds in three different
>sizes. (Of course, it is possible that the relative here can
>afford a new hearing aid, but the problem of not having a custom
>mold remains.) I've met some people with severe losses who
>prefer foam "molds" that they can discard after a few days. 

>**** Do these foam earmolds still exist? Who markets them? What
>is the general cost of, say, a year's supply?
>**** When using a "stock" earmold, might it be better to use a
>body aid? How about a personal amplifyer? Can one be strong
>enough for this extent of loss?

I would recommend a supply of foam ear molds with tubing that are
distributed my Hearing Components.  They are called Comply Tips,
and can be used as temporary earmolds for BTE's as well as for
in-office demonstration of hearing aids.

They are somewhat expensive, but can be re-used.  You should
contact them for pricing details.

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