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Effectiveness of T-switch

Jeffrey Sirianni audioman at HCTC.NET
Wed Jul 16 01:00:10 EST 1997

Kate Johnston <Kate at ricochet.net> writes:

>When the t-switch is turned on, your son shouldn't hear anything! It is 
>only when it is near a magnetic field, such as from the telephone 
>receiver, that he will hear anything.

This is true...

>The quality of t-switches can vary immensely. It might be your son's 
>t-switches need to be replaced.

>That said, I need to add that using a t-switch is not merely a matter of 
>simply turning it to "on" and holding up the receiver to the hearing 
>aid. You need to experiment with holding up the receiver to different 
>parts of the hearing aid to find out where the sound comes in the 
>strongest. This strongest point is the microphone, where all the sound 
>comes in and gets processed in the hearing aid.

I have to clarify your statement. The strongest area is over the telecoil
receiver, which is usually located just above the battery compartment.
When the T-switch is activated, the external microphone is shut off.  I do
agree that using the telecoil takes time and lots of practice.

>I find that if I don't have the telephone receiver placed in just the 
>right place on my hearing aid, I might as well not be using the 
>t-switch, because I can't hear anything.

One thing that was not mentioned is the need to turn the volume control
up when using the telecoil, often all the way up.

Dana, test your son's aids (via your stethescope) by switching to the telecoil,
turning the volume up, then placing the receiver of the phone in the middle of
the hearing aid case.  You should be able to hear the dial tone.

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