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New Audiologist Employment Dilemna

RSiegel663 rsiegel663 at aol.com
Tue Jul 15 22:52:57 EST 1997

> My question is regarding a position I have been offered working for a
>hearing aid dispenser.  He offers commission only and after reading over
>his price list, it seems rather elevated compared to the offices I had
>practicums in during my CFY training.

First of all, is this person 'SALES,SALES,SALES' or is he really a
dispenser with 
a pratice that provides a service for the patients?  There is nothing
wrong with sales that's how we all make our living, selling our skills,
our products, our knowledge, but, this guy sounds VERY bottom line

>  Also, he manufactures ost of his own hearing aids, doesn't use Real
>and apparently seems to fit most everyone with an ITC or ITE at
>most.....he doesn't have a sound booth but he says he may get one if I
>sell enough hearing aids..

i.e. no programmables no advanced multichannel compression.   We are
beyond the only verification being "how does that sound now??"  

If he doesent have a controlled test environment, booth or treated room,
by this time don't expect him to get it for you!

>  I had not heard of all these ideas during my graduate training and was
>little surprised to see fitting completed without any verification
>procedures.  I have observed and assisted in follow up appts. where
>patients have been quite unhappy with the aids.

>  Perhaps a short course regarding the way hearing aids are peddled in
>'real=life'  would have been useful.

I DO NOT PEDDLE HEARING AIDS.  I fit patients with the best and most
appropriate hearing aids I can, based on their needs and wants.
We should all strive to do our best for our patients,  the dollars will
Charge enough to make a profit.  NO PROFIT MEANS NOT SURVIVING as a

My advice .......Do not work there.

>  Has any other audiologist encountered this situation and successfully  
>negotiated a position in these circumstances?   What are the chances that
>an audiologist can integrate into this situation?  


Good luck

Bob Siegel, M.S. CCC-A, BC-HIS

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