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Are Audiologists Ethnocentric?

gandalf at aud.org gandalf at aud.org
Wed Jul 16 22:34:49 EST 1997

In article <19970716175001.NAA01102 at ladder02.news.aol.com> genxman777 at aol.com (Genxman777) writes:
>From: genxman777 at aol.com (Genxman777)
>Subject: Are Audiologists Ethnocentric?
>Date: 16 Jul 1997 17:50:53 GMT

>The question of this post is directed to working audiologists with a
>Master's level 
>education. Most Master level Audiologists are members of the majority
>Anglo Saxon, Northern or Western European, monolingual English speakers
>with a Judeo-Christian background. What is their opinion of Audiologists
>do not share this background? Would they consider hiring someone who does
>share this ethnic background? I would guess most would hire someone
>"like themselves".

>What of patients and their care? As the milennium approaches- the
>becomes more diverse, yet it appears audiologists remain conservative in
>hiring of minority audiology staff. Is this in the patients best interest?

>Why is the audiology community as a whole so rigid on this issue? Do they 
>see minority personnel as a "threat" to the status quo? Why is ethnicity 
>and ethnic background so integral in considerations for employment. Should
>the qualifications of the job candidate be more important than ethnicity?

>In a limited job market like clinical audiology- I guess the majority
>reverts to judging persons on stereotypes rather than facts. Are Speech
>Pathologists similar to Audiologists on this issue? I would like to hear 
>your comments on this topic


One way to stop the hate is to begin with yourself. Stop the hatred of those 
you refer to as "Anglo-Saxon, monolingual, English speakers with a 
Judeo-Christian background." Speaking generally about folks, instead of 
confronting an individual who has demonstrated bias, is not usually a good 
idea. If you have had a bad experience, or even several of them, don't 
condemn an entire group, as you protest others have done.

If I were hiring, the judgment of an individual on race, ethnicity, sex, or 
lifestyle, would be abhorrent.  But, on the other hand, to hire 
someone, such as an African-American, for example, just to make inroads into 
the African-American community, seems to me to be an even baser motive.

I want someone whom my patients can trust to give them the best audiolological 

"Nuff said.


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