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Kate Johnston Kate at ricochet.net
Tue Jul 22 14:32:00 EST 1997

When someone is allergic to the materials in an earmold, what kind of 
reactions do you see?  Are the reactions the same in different people?

Kate Johnston
kate at ricochet.net

keskritt at SPRYNET.COM wrote:
> Dear Amy:
> In response to your question, "What are earmolds made of?"...it basically
> depends on what type of mold is required for what type of loss.  Some earmolds
> are made out of lucite, but this material is basically like the material used to
> make ITE hearing aids, and thus, are likely to feedback if the aid is powerful
> enough.  For severe to profound hearing losses, I usually use a softer material
> like NewSil or Silicone. But yes, some people are allergic to this, so there are
> some materials that are more hypoallergenic than others.  Polyethylene is
> supposed to be relatively benign, and is often used for those who are truly
> allergic.  However, there are even some people out there who are allergic to
> this material.
> We use silicone based impression material for our earmold impressions, and so
> far, we have not had anyone who is allergic to this material...
> I hope this is helpful.
> K. A. Eskritt, M.Cl.Sc., Reg CASLPO

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