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Hearing Device Recommendation?

Jeffrey Sirianni audioman at HCTC.NET
Wed Jul 23 22:48:43 EST 1997

cbcoh at aol.com (CBCOH) writes:

>In late 1993 I suddenly lost essentially all hearing (15% remains) in my
>left ear. I also have much tinnitus of various sorts. My hearing
>discrimination in that ear is 15%. However, I would like to try a good
>hearing aid that will at least give me a sense of "balance" and perhaps
>not sound like a "broken speaker." Can onyone recommend something? 
>Resound, or something else? Thank you very much in advance.

With only 15% discrimination in your left ear, I think that a hearing aid
can only provide you with auditory stimulation of that ear with little to
no "informational" value.  I think that your initial reaction to a hearing
aid may be that it sounds like a broken speaker.  It is not the hearing aid
that is doing this, but the distortion in your inner ear.  Your state will
probably allow you to try something and have a 30-day return policy, so if
you are curious about using an aid for the left ear, give it a try.  You
may want to opt for a CROS system, whereby sound coming from the left side
of your head is "transferred" to a device in the right ear.  That way you
won't miss sounds coming from the left side.

I also hope that your hearing care professional has thoroughly investigated
the sudden and severe loss in your left ear.

Good Luck,


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