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Media alert - Healthweek and Parade

Jeffrey Sirianni audioman at hctc.net
Fri Apr 16 15:08:45 EST 1999

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>>From Mona Thomas, Director of  Media Relations, ASHA:
>APRIL 16-23
>A half-hour special on hearing loss will air April 16th through April 23rd
on*Healthweek,* a weekly health news magazine that covers the latest news
and information on health, fitness, nutrition, and the environment.   
>A segment on hearing aids will begin the special.  Viewers will learn what
they should consider if they are in the market for hearing aids, how to
find which kind is best, and other issues.  ASHA was one of the sources of
information for the story, which included an interview with Dennis Hampton,
PhD., CCC-A.  Hampton, who is editor of Hearing HealthCare News, has been
in private practice for 25 years.
>Viewers will also learn about newborn hearing screening, with a discussion
on why some hospitals are opting not to screen newborns.   Chair of the
Department of Hearing & Speech, Children*s National Medical Center in
Washington, DC, Gilbert Herer, PhD, CCC-A, who has developed and directed a
universal newborn hearing screening program at Holy Cross Hospital in
Silver Spring, MD, was interviewed for the story.
>Another segment will feature the story of Frank Hochman, M.D., a deaf
family physician who is now in his second decade of practicing medicine.
>Healthweek is produced by Newsweek Productions in association with
Maryland Public Television.  Click
http://www.pbs.org/healthweek/carriage.htm to check stations in your area
for day and time listings.
>Parade Magazine to Feature Hearing Health in May 9th Issue
>A special article on how to maintain your hearing health will be the focus
of Parade Magazine*s May 9th issue.   Readers will learn how they can
protect their hearing health and obtain referrals to audiologists for
information on advances in hearing aid technology.  Evelyn Cherow, MA,
CCC-A was interviewed for the article.
>Parade magazine is published nationally and distributed to over 38 million
subscribers.   This weekly news-magazine covers articles on a variety of
topics including news, health, fitness and entertainment.
>For more information, contact Mona Thomas (mthomas at asha.org).

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