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Auditory-Steady State Responses

sasha john sasha at psych.utoronto.ca
Mon Nov 8 12:12:05 EST 1999

If there are any scientists or research oriented audiologists who would
like to see a demonstration of how Auditory Steady-State potentials to
both AM and FM stimuli can be used to objectively assess freqeuncy
specific hearing loss,  you can now download demonstration software from


This demo contains a data viewer program,  tutorial, and several data
records that were collected using the Multiple Auditory Steady-State
Evoked Response technique and a data collection system which we have
developed in our laboratory, and  which will be described in the next
issue of Computer Programs and Methods in Biomedicine (Elsevier Press).
We do not currently offer a clinical version of the data collection
system, but we have been willing to provide a low cost research oriented
system to laboratories and clinics that are interested in the
technique.  You can also find out more about this powerful method of
objectively testing hearing in the following articles:

Picton TW, et al.(1998) "Objective evaluation of aided thresholds using
auditory steady-state responses." J Am Acad Audiol.9(5):315-31.

John, M. S., O. G. Lins, et al. (1998). “Multiple auditory steady-state
responses (MASTER): stimulus and recording parameters.” Audiology 37(2):

Lins, O. G., P. E. Picton, et al. (1995). “Auditory steady-state
responses to tones amplitude-modulated at 80-110 Hz.” Journal of the
Acoustical Society of America 97: 3051-3063.

Lins, O. G., T. W. Picton, et al. (1996). “Frequency-specific audiometry
using steady-state responses.” Ear Hear 17(2): 81-96.

Picton, T. W., C. R. Skinner, et al. (1987). “Potentials evoked by the
sinusoidal modulation of the amplitude or frequency of a tone.” J Acoust
Soc Am 82(1): 165-78.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Michael Sasha John
Institute of Medical Science
Faculty of Medicine
University of Toronto
sasha at psych.utoronto.ca

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