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Another Digital First Impressions (help)

maiello at my-deja.com maiello at my-deja.com
Thu May 4 13:10:03 EST 2000

I am trialing 2 Oticon DigiLifes BTE. Its only been 12 hours but I need
some advice.

My background briefly.  I have been wearing hearing aids since age 7,
first with one in the left ear only.
Sometime in my teens I started wearing 2.  My audiogram is exactly the
same for both ears.  In my 30s now, I
am switching from 2 Oticon Personic 440s (analog) that have been quite
durable and reliable.  I have worn the
left one with the volume higher than the right (probably from my
starting out with one HA in this ear).

The problem:

With the new DigiLifes the right one seems fine.  The left one I had
adjusted; the gain was increase (mainly the high freq) because it
didn't seem like it was amplifying enough.  The filters (little green
pieces) in the mold tube were also taken out.  After wearing the
aids now;  the left aid definitely distorts loud pressure sounds car
door slamming, clapping, drawer closing).  The right does not exhibit
this behavior. I know I need to go back to get this adjusted.
I'm concerned that:

 a.) The gain is maxed out on this. Perhaps I need an aid with more
 b.) That perhaps I should go back to analog aids like I had. (Does
anyone know if the Oticon Personic 440 has more power than the

I must say its been quite hard describing how it sounds.  I am going
back for a "real ear" test that may help my dispenser. Any advice would
be great; I will summarize my experience.

Bob Maiello

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