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Jeffrey G. Sirianni audioman at hctc.net
Wed May 17 01:33:12 EST 2000

I am looking for input and comments from clinicians that are well versed in 
the SCAN.  It is my understanding that the SCAN is limited to individuals 
with normal hearing sensitivity.  I recently spoke with a speech 
pathologist who told me that the SCAN can be "adjusted" for hearing 
loss.  I somehow doubt this, but would like to hear from the group on this 
topic.  If Dr. Keith is out there, I'd like to hear his comments as well.

Case in Point: 16 year old male, normal hearing sensitivity right ear 
(250-8000 Hz), normal hearing sensitivity left ear from 250-2000 Hz with 
sloping HF SNHL (20 dB HL at 3000 Hz, 40 dB HL at 4000 Hz, 50 dB HL at 6000 
Hz, 60 dB HL at 8000 Hz).  History of noise exposure from gun fire use 
without hearing protection.  No retrocochlear indications that I can 
see.  First diagnosed with ADHD, then CAPD by outside SLP group looking to 
get child into Fast Forward program.  They would like me to obtain SCAN 
data for them with adjusted for his hearing loss.


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